How can I afford to prepare for a quality career in the Treasure Valley


While Idaho and the Treasure Valley are experiencing historical lows in unemployment, wages continue to be among the lowest in the nation, even as basic living costs …especially housing and healthcare….continue to rise. There is one occupation segment that offers both satisfying careers, above average wages, and opportunities for continued advancement. That segment is healthcare. There are already more workers in Ada and Canyon Counties employed in healthcare than any other employment segment, and there is an urgent and rapidly growing need to speed more trained worked into a wide variety of healthcare roles.

CWI always adjusts its degrees and certifications to match the urgent needs on the Treasure Valley. That’s why CWI has made acceleration of training for healthcare positions its #1 priority. That’s why they, with the help of the State, private donors, and residents of Ada and Canyon County support the new Health Science Building for the Nampa Campus. That facility will allow CWI to centralize the critical technology and educators to efficiently speed a new generation of healthcare workers to competency.

CWI Yes, Inc. is an independent Idaho corporation formed to encourage Ada and Canyon County voters to Vote Yes for the new Health Science building on November 6.